Common Misconceptions About Commercial Locksmiths

4 October 2021
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The safety of your business premises hinges on many things, chief among them being your lock system. Notably, a commercial locksmith should be the first person to call as soon as your lock system develops a problem. That said, most people do not understand much about commercial locksmith services. While newbie providers are profoundly surprised when they hear some of the misconceptions, experienced artisans are well aware of the myths and make it their duty to educate clients. This post highlights common misconceptions regarding commercial locksmiths.

They Offer Similar Services

One of the most common misconceptions is that commercial locksmiths offer clients the same level of services. However, it is not true because different businesses have varying security needs. For instance, a Certified Registered Locksmith (CRL) certification represents the lowest level of security; hence, a holder can only offer general commercial locksmith services. On the other hand, Certified Master Locksmith (CML) certification represents the highest level and equips locksmiths with the skills to handle electronic security systems. Therefore, if you have a problem with an electronic lock system, call a commercial locksmith with CML certification, not CRL accreditation.

They Only Offer Locksmith Services

Another misconception is that commercial locksmiths only offer services regarding lock systems. While the core business of a commercial locksmith involves locking systems, the service providers do much more. Notably, a commercial locksmith can provide security advice on how best to protect your business premises. For instance, a commercial locksmith can walk inside and around a property and point out areas where your security system is lacking. The reason is that most commercial locksmiths also train in property security to diversify their services. Therefore, ask whether a locksmith is a licenced security consultant for additional services.

They Do Not Pick Locks

Picking locks is one way that burglars access a commercial facility. If they fail, they resort to other rudimentary methods, such as breaking a door or windows. Notably, it has given lock picking a bad name, and most people think that commercial locksmiths who practice the technique are not professional. However, nothing could be further from the truth because a commercial locksmith will first pick the lock if you have problems with your office door. The reason is that commercial locksmiths first try non-destructive methods of gaining access, and lock picking is an excellent technique. Therefore, you need to remain calm next time you see a commercial locksmith picking your lock.