Electronic Locks: Your Questions Answered

18 November 2022
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Electronic locks are becoming increasingly popular for both commercial and residential applications. However, if you're considering an electronic lock for your home or business, you probably have some questions. Here are answers to some of the most common questions.

How do electronic locks work?

There are several types of electronic locks, but the most common type is the electromagnetic lock. Electromagnetic locks work by using an electromagnet to create a strong magnetic field that holds the door shut. When power is applied to the electromagnet, the magnetic field is created, and the door is locked. When power is removed from the electromagnet, the magnetic field is released, allowing the door to be opened.

They are often used alongside other types of locks, such as keypads or card readers, to provide an extra layer of security. Electromagnetic locks are also used in some automatic doors and gates. When combined with sensors, they can provide a hands-free way to open and close doors.

Are electronic locks safe?

Yes, electronic locks are very safe. When it comes to security, electronic locks are often seen as the best option. They're very difficult to pick, and they can be programmed to require a unique code or fingerprint in order to open. As a result, they're often used in high-security applications, such as banks and government buildings. Electronic locks are also becoming increasingly popular for home security. Many homeowners choose to install electronic locks on their doors in order to deter burglars.

What are the benefits of using an electronic lock?

There are many benefits of using an electronic lock over a traditional mechanical lock:

  1. They're more secure because they can't be picked or forced open like a traditional lock.
  2. They're convenient because they can be opened with a key card or key fob instead of a key. This is especially beneficial if you have multiple people who need access to a space because you can easily add and remove key cards as needed.
  3. Electronic locks are low maintenance because there are fewer moving parts that wear out over time compared to traditional mechanical locks.


If you're considering an electronic lock for your home or business, hopefully, this article has answered some of your questions. Electronic locks offer increased security and convenience over traditional mechanical locks and are low maintenance. Contact a locksmith today to learn more about our selection of electronic locks and find the perfect one for your needs.

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