Critical Questions to Ask a Locksmith

5 March 2021
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Home security starts from your front door. Therefore, as long as your front door's lock is locked correctly, you should not worry about break-ins. However, you will expose your home to burglaries by losing your keys or damaging the locks. Therefore, you should call a locksmith immediately to keep your home and belongings safe. While it is not wrong to let a locksmith repair your locks and leave, you should aim to get the most from their service. Read More 

Tips for Hiring an Automobile Locksmith

21 February 2020
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Lock-out scenarios aren't just limited to residential and commercial buildings. You could easily get locked out of your car if your car keys get lost or if you happen to lock them inside the vehicle. If you happen to lock the keys inside the vehicle, you could easily break one of its windows in order to reach the keys and regain access to the vehicle. If your keys are lost, however, breaking the windows will not be a viable option and you're better off hiring the services of an automobile locksmith. Read More 

Buzzers, Buttons & the Best of Both Worlds: Controlling Access to Your Business Site

13 July 2018
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Especially if your business extends across a large patch of land, it can be a challenge to control access to your premises. You may want to secure the entire perimeter of your property, or you may wish to leave the wider site open to guests, and simply restrict access to certain areas. However you choose to cordon off your business, there are several options available to you. You can always just use traditional keys — but for commercial premises, there are often more convenient solutions. Read More 

What to Tell a Locksmith When Your Home’s Door Lock Isn’t Working

11 April 2016
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If your home's front door lock isn't working as it should, you want to call a mobile locksmith rather than trying to take it apart yourself, as trying to reassemble a lock and fit the pins and tumblers back into place can be more complicated than you may realize. However, before you make that call, note a few things you might need to share with them so they know how to address the problem once they arrive. Read More 

Facial Recognition, Secret Knocks and Smartphone Apps: Locks of the Future

29 February 2016
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What does the future hold for the locksmith profession? While the traditional lock and key system is unlikely to disappear anytime soon, technical advances mean that locksmiths will need to deal with an array of advanced locks. It seems that some sort of computer training will become standard for anyone who wants to be a locksmith. So how exactly do these advanced locks work? And what are their benefits? A Smartphone Lock Read More