What to Tell a Locksmith When Your Home’s Door Lock Isn’t Working

11 April 2016
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If your home's front door lock isn't working as it should, you want to call a mobile locksmith rather than trying to take it apart yourself, as trying to reassemble a lock and fit the pins and tumblers back into place can be more complicated than you may realize. However, before you make that call, note a few things you might need to share with them so they know how to address the problem once they arrive. Read More 

Facial Recognition, Secret Knocks and Smartphone Apps: Locks of the Future

29 February 2016
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What does the future hold for the locksmith profession? While the traditional lock and key system is unlikely to disappear anytime soon, technical advances mean that locksmiths will need to deal with an array of advanced locks. It seems that some sort of computer training will become standard for anyone who wants to be a locksmith. So how exactly do these advanced locks work? And what are their benefits? A Smartphone Lock Read More 

Why You Should Use Diversion Safes in Your Home

2 February 2016
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With the increased crime rates today, theft can happen at any time of the day and night regardless of where you live. You need to take precautions so as to reduce the risk of your property being stolen. This can be achieved by having safes in your home so as to protect valuable items like jewelry. Diversion safes can be a good security option for your home. They have built-in compartments, which allow you to hide your valuable items for the purpose of safety or even secrecy. Read More 

Considerations to Make when Purchasing Door Hardware

5 January 2016
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When selecting a lockset or doorknob for your home's interior or exterior, it is essential to fully understand what is available. In addition to the overall functional duty, hinges, doorknobs and other hardware components can add to the aesthetics of the door. There are several finishes and styles of door hardware to choose from. Taking time to consider the options that are available will help you find the lock and door handle set you need. Read More