Important Features Every Home Security System Should Now Include

22 October 2015
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A standard alarm that is connected to your home's entryway can keep it safe and secure, but today's security systems often include much more than a standard keypad and blaring siren. This is typically needed because a thief may know how to disable a basic alarm or be in and out of your house before emergency personnel can arrive. Note a few important features to include in your home security system so you know your family and your possessions are safe and secure.

1. Vibration sensors

Windows to a home don't always shatter in a million pieces when hit with a hammer or brick,because they're often made of a type of glass that is not meant to shatter. This means you may not actually hear it if someone were to break a window to get into your home. You also may not be able to hear a window shattering when you're in another part of your home.

A vibration sensor will sense when there is too much vibration near the windows or a sliding glass door, which typically means the glass has been broken. This can then sound the alarm before you even know that a window or sliding door wall has been broken.

2. Heat sensors

A smoke detector may sense some rising heat, but most will work by sensing the smoke that comes into contact with their internal sensors. A heat sensor can be a good choice as an additional fire alarm, because not all fires create large amounts of smoke. Along with a heat sensor, you might include a sprinkler system such as you see in businesses. This can trigger automatically in cases of heat or smoke and extinguish a fire before it can spread.

3. Biometric sensors

Using keys to allow you in your home may not be enough security, so you might consider a biometric sensor of some sort. This is a feature that uses a biological feature to interact with the alarm, such as a thumbprint or retinal scan. This type of sensor may seem very high-tech, but they're actually much more affordable than ever before. If you need to add an extra layer of security to your home or to an area inside your home and standard keys and coded alarms are not enough, consider a biometric sensor. This can ensure that you have full control over the access to your home or a gun safe, panic room, and the like.