How to Protect Your Window Glass During Periods of Political Unrest

26 October 2015
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Many communities experience periods of political unrest as citizens express their displeasure about how public affairs are being conducted. For instance, a demonstration may break out to protest against the way in which a certain case was handled by the legal system. Such unrest can result in massive damage to private property as demonstrators vent their anger. This article discusses different ways by which you can protect the glass on your windows from different kinds of damage.

Scratch Protection Films

The demonstrators may be non-violent, but they may be carrying placards and other objects that can scratch the windows on your property that is located where the protest is taking place. You can prevent this kind of damage by installing scratch protection film on all your windows. This film is easy to apply, as all you need to do is to unroll it onto the window and apply a little pressure to make the film adhere. The film comes in different durability ratings, so choose the version that suits you. For instance, you can buy protective film that will last for several months.

Block-Out Film

This type of film is primarily intended to make it impossible to see through your glass windows. This can be very helpful if you have valuable equipment that may draw the attention of demonstrators. For instance, you may have recently automated most of the work in your factory. Demonstrators may be tempted to pelt your windows with stones if they see the machines and blame the machines for their unemployment. Block-out film keeps the equipment out of sight.

Anti-Graffiti Film

This window-glass protective film is designed to keep writings and paint off window glass. Demonstrators may wish to write their protest messages on any windows they can reach, leaving you with a big clean-up job to do once calm is restored. Anti-graffiti film limits the damaging effects of such writings. Some anti-graffiti films even prevent any paint or ink from adhering to the window glass.

Shatterproof Film

Your commercial building may also require shatterproof window glass film. Such a film will protect the people working in the building from being injured in case an object is hurled at the window and it shatters. The film holds the broken pieces so that they do not fly about and injure people.

You should contact an emergency glass repair professional for advice about the kinds of window film that will be best suited to your circumstances. He or she will also repair any windows that were damaged before you took steps to install protective film.