Protecting Your Gun Safe from Rust and Corrosion

9 November 2015
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As far as gun safes are concerned, measures must be undertaken to safeguard the contents from corrosion. It is somewhat meaningless to have a large, expensive gun safe only to find your valuable guns corroding away inside. This article provides important tips to help gun owners prevent rust and corrosion buildup inside their gun safes.

Attach seals along the door section

To begin with, you should attach seals along the door section if your safe lacks any. Seals help to stop the entry of humid air and moisture from the external environment. The recommended sealing material is one made of rubber, given that it expands to provide a rigid seal.

Use a rust preventative coating

Another effective method is to coat your guns using a reputable rust preventative. You can find these coating products from your gun provider. The best products provide great, lasting protection against corrosion without leaving a slippery coating on your firearms.

Use rust-free gun cases

All firearms ought to be stored inside rust-free gun cases. Many rust-free gun cases are made from a heavy, synthetic fleece applied with silicon as well as rust preventatives. Basically, the thick fleece draws moisture away from the surfaces of your guns while providing great protection against scratches and dings. Rust-free gun cases are a must-have accessory for safe storage of your shotguns and rifles inside your gun safe.

Electric warming unit/ a light bulb

It is very important to control the level of humidity and temperature within your gun safe. Rust tends to build up more quickly in the presence of damp air and when temperatures fluctuate. In order to control temperature levels inside your safe, opt for an electric warming unit. Keeping warm temperatures inside the safe considerably diminishes the possibility of water vapor condensing and forming rust. It is also important to note that running a basic light bulb inside the gun safe at all times works similarly to an electric warming unit with reduced initial outlay. You could use a low wattage incandescent bulb or a fluorescent light bulb.

Use desiccant products

These types of products serve to draw moisture away from the air inside your gun safe. They provide convenient, affordable protection against corrosion. Basically, they are placed on every shelf inside your safe and immediately start working. Most gun shops sell desiccants in different sizes so you can get these products easily.

By adopting these measures, gun owners can steer clear of the problem of rust and corrosion inside their safes. For more information, contact a local gun safe supplier like Askwith Company