How to Make the Call to Your Mobile Locksmith Easier

18 November 2015
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When you need a mobile locksmith, it is likely due to an emergency need like losing your keys or having a remote key that no longer functions. If you have made these calls in the past, you know they can be frustrating and sometimes chaotic. The reason is because you may not be using the verbiage the locksmith needs to hear in order to help you fix your problem and get back on the road, in your car, or in your house. Here are a few things you can do to make the call to your mobile locksmith easier for you and for the locksmith.

Have the Make and Model Information Available

Most calls to a mobile locksmith deal with getting into a vehicle of some kind. The first step to making the call to the emergency locksmith easier is to know the make and model of your car. This will help the locksmith narrow down the type of key you may need or tools they may need to get into the car. If you are using someone else's car or if you aren't sure of the make and model of yours, you can find it on registration paperwork located in the dash or glove box of the vehicle.

VIN Information

In some cases, the mobile locksmith may be able to help you easier by having the VIN of the vehicle. The reason having this information can be important is because it can tell the locksmith what type of remote key you may be using. It can let them know if there was a recall on your particular key remote, or if the remote will be difficult to replace or find. It can also let them know if there is a special tool they may need for the lock to get you back in the car.

You may think this would be answered with the make and model, but the truth is that there may be an issue with a particular set of cars or remotes rather than an entire fleet. If this is the case, then the VIN will determine if your car falls into those categories and what issues pertain to your specific car number.

Remote Issues

If you are calling the mobile or emergency locksmith in regards to a key remote issue, one of the questions may be linked to what happened prior to the remote no longer working. This could be due to you dropping the remote, not using it for an extended period of time, or it could be that you have no idea what caused the issue.

Even if the latter is the answer, let your mobile locksmith know. Let them know if it was acting odd for several days or if you dropped the remote at any time. It may seem like basic information, but it can be vital to determining if the locksmith needs to work on the remote or if focusing on the car itself is a better option.

These are just three ways you can use to make the call to your emergency mobile locksmith easier. Remember, the more information you have to give them the easier it is for them to narrow down the root of the problem and solve it as soon as possible.