Scenarios where you should contact an emergency locksmith

20 November 2015
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If you've gotten your key stolen, or if the lock to your house is broken, then you're probably aware that you should call an emergency locksmith as soon as possible. Lost keys and broken locks are very obvious safety hazards that need to be fixed before they compromise the safety of your home. What you might not know, however, is that there are many more times when you have the need for an emergency locksmith without realising the urgency of the situation.

Moving in to a new house

If you're moving in to a new home, you should receive all the necessary keys from the previous owners. However, you have no way of telling if the previous owners are really giving you all of their keys. It's very cheap and very easy to duplicate keys, and they might have gotten it done and then forgotten about it. There could also be duplicated keys lying around from owners before the previous ones as well if the locks haven't been changed in a while. You should contact a locksmith as soon as you plan on moving in to the new house.

Renting a new home

The same thing goes if you're renting a home. In many cases, the keys are provided to you by the company that owns the house. However, if you want to be really sure that there are no spare keys to your home in the hands of strangers, you should change the locks. Make sure you have the permission from the company who owns the property to do so beforehand.

Painting over the lock

Another reason where you should get a locksmith as soon as possible is if you're painting your house or doorframes and accidentally paint over a lock. This could leave the lock impossible to use from the beginning, but the most dangerous scenario is if it works immediately after you've painted it over. The still wet paint could enter the lock with the key as you're sticking it in and then dry on the inside. This could leave you with a door that you managed to open, but that later will prove itself impossible to lock, or the other way around.

Losing the key and finding it again

Finally, you should also call an emergency locksmith at a company like HUNTER LOCKSMITH SERVICES in the case that you lose your key and then suddenly find it again after some time. If you're unlucky, someone could've found the key and duplicated it to not make you suspicious.